biohazard remediation

Each form of biohazard waste must be segregated, decontaminated and disposed of in an appropriate manner in order to minimise occupational exposure and environmental release risks.

There are four general categories of bio hazardous wastes based on the physical form of the waste. Each form must be segregated, identified, decontaminated and disposed of in an appropriate manner for the form in order to minimise occupational exposure and environmental release risks.


Examples of Biohazard Waste

Human blood and blood products. This includes items contaminated with blood that will release blood in a liquid or semi-liquid form when compressed.

Pathological waste. Waste biopsy materials and any human tissues or body parts from autopsy, surgery, or other procedure.

Microbiological waste. Discarded live and attenuated viruses, discarded specimen cultures, and disposable culture dishes.

Sharps waste. Used needles or any sharp object including scalpels, glass slides, broken glass etc. that have been contaminated with potentially infectious materials.


To prevent infection, it is recommended to apply a universal precautions approach to all blood and body fluids. This means handling all biological materials as if they contain an infectious disease. If you are facing a blood spill, unattended death, or other trauma cleanup, know that you don’t have to face it alone. Biohazard Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning is the industry leader in bioremediation and trauma scene cleanup across Australia, maintaining the highest standards in cleaning, sanitation, and safety compliance.


Why Choose Crime Scene Cleaning for your Biohazard Remediation Needs

Crime Scene Clean is a leader in property damage restoration and have earned a strong reputation among insurance agencies, body corporates, real estates and property owners for our fast response and professional service. At Crime Scene Clean we understand that time is of the essence when an emergency occurs. Our biological waste disposal and property restoration service can help ease the stress and discomfort of a bio-hazardous event.

Our emergency biohazard technicians are trained to handle all types or biological waste clean ups. Biohazard cleaning services include Blood and Body Fluid Removal and sanitising, Death Scene, Murder Scene or Suicide Scene Remediation, Gross Filth Cleaning, Hoarder House, Deceased Estate Cleans, Sewage Leak Damage Clean Up & Sanitation and Odour Removal Treatments